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Nutra-Relief Inc. will license, manufacture and aggressively distribute innovative wellness product lines that have been only up to now been available only locally from the formulators, practitioners and pharmacists that have been healing the afflicted over the course of their accumulated professional lives.

Nutra-Relief Inc. will produce primarily unique formulations composed of all natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals, trace metals, amino acids (essential and non-essential in various concentrations) These ingredients will be of the highest quality and will be mixed and prepared in qualified FDA and EPA regulated and approved certified GMP laboratories.


Nutra-Relief Inc., an C-corporation registered in California, is a nutraceutical product distribution and manufacturing firm.

What makes us different is our commitment to creating innovative, natural, health-enhancing blends that contain no harmful ingredients. The active natural ingredients are delivered using highly effective proprietary bases that enhance absorption into the body.

In this regard we use only the highest quality ingredients and compound our formulations in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory.  We also believe in being good corporate citizens. This means supporting our workers, the population and the environment.

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